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About Us


Here is a little bit about Striggy and Kyle and how we got started in this business.

Our Business objective

The objective of our business is to provide  fun products and reliable service for our customers. We hope you enjoy visiting our web site and think our products are the best. Have fun collecting beer crowns and wearing them.

The Discovery

We were  sitting around one night having a few cold brews and checking out the cool logos on the beer crowns. Some of them were so cool that we wondered how we could make a pin out of them. After working on a lot of designs over the next few weeks we came up with the Bottle Cap Buddy and patented it.

Hello my name is Striggy and my partners name is Kyle.We have built this site to bring to the public the "Bottle Cap Buddy". A creative new way to show off your favourite pop or beer crowns. It's a fun way to collect different types of bottle caps and trade them  with your friends. Bottle cap buddy's make great gifts to give out at parties.

Our Company

We started this company in Feb of 2002 on some patents that we filed and have been having fun every since.

Here is a picture of  Striggy and Kyle.

Looks like we twisted a few caps last night. EH!

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